Spiritual Semester: A Majestic Hudson Mailer

$65.00 USD

Majestic Hudson Introduces 

The Spiritual Semester:
A College Kit for Creative Spirit Seekers

This New "Spiritual Semester" mailer subscription box is perfect for college students and inner peace-seekers alike! 
The Spiritual Semester is delivered to your door, or dorm, well, every semester. :) Filled with handpicked spiritual assistance and healthy goodies.

Place your order early!

Ships within 7 days of order.

Here is what you get in your Fall Semester Mailer:

The Majestic Hudson Water Bottle will become your new best friend and hydration reminder. BPA free. Not to mention super cute. Adorn as you wish. 

Fun Stickers! To stick onto your laptop, bike, binder, your fun new water bottle, anywhere you see fit to spruce up with a little fun + funky encouragement. By Reflectjen®

Chocolate Bar: the keeper of sanity. Medically known to increase serotonin levels, release endorphins, and create smiles. Let it be your “sweet release.” Eat it whenever, wherever! There is no wrong where chocolate is concerned. By Oliver Kata

“Good Vibes” Spray: Jen’s Alchemist creation: A room-clearing spray infused with “Good Vibes”: 100% Organic Sage, Rose, Lemon, and Selenite Crystal. Distilled and ready for you to spray into your comfort zone, to clear the bad juju and bring in the peacefulness. The best I can offer without incense, candles or matches that set off the fire alarms in your dorm room. LOL. By Majestic Hudson

RAD Lip Balm is soothing and extremely moisturizing, assorted flavors to keep you smiling. By Rad Soap

Journal which we promise is nothing short of cute. This month by Reflectjen® keep your notes in check.

Crystal Magic of the Semester: Majestic always has your spiritual and emotional health in mind, and now your GPA! Stay focused and grounded with crystals to help support your health, wealth, friendship, and love. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful healing stones! Clear Quartz amplifies any energy or intention and protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and even relieves pain.

Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially spiritual connections. Opalite removes energy blockages of the emotions, chakras, and meridians and enables our strengths. 

Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone and also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or space. Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. 

BONUS: Mini Crystal Grid to display your crystals and set your intention as you desire!

Astrology Aid: We don’t care about all-nighters and leave it up to the stars to guide us. This month we have actual “Guiding Stars™.“ They are adorable hand-folded Origami stars made from gorgeous papers with positive thought-provoking and inspirational messages written inside. Open one a day or anytime you want a boost. By Transit Creations

Tea Sachets: The benefits of tea go far beyond refreshment. Research shows that drinking tea can improve your health! And we love Harney & Sons - Chock full o’ antioxidants, tea can boost the immune system and health. Herbals and Caffeinated Sachets included for quiet and study nights alike! By Harney & Sons®

 And More!!! This kit is simply bursting with surprises -- Extra goodies always end up in your kit. 

Place your order early!

Ships within 7 days of order.

*Prices and content of this mailer are subject to change at the discretion of Majestic Hudson. We aim to provide the highest quality items in the most efficient way possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Rebirth Story.

Having a daughter about to embark on college living got me curating another subscription mailer box -- this time for Generation Y and Z! One might say I am putting those empty nest vibes to good work!

Why? Because you guys are going to change the world, right? I'm counting on you to be smart and brave! Plant your feet firmly on the ground all the while looking up to the stars. This experience will be a golden age of knowledge and also a remember it is not just about books and exams. 

Enjoy! And please help make the world a better place by being kind to yourself and others, respecting nature, eating your veggies and singing songs.

I'll do my part by sending you a BOUNTY OF SPIRIT that will help guide you through the college experience with grace. 

You are always an A+ in my book!


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