The Divine Home Workshop

$350.00 USD
You are Divine

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Jennifer Llewellyn, Chief Wellness Officer of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle in Katonah has created a workshop to establish a deeper connection with your home.

"The Divine Home: Spirituality at Your Home’s Heart"

Though this might seem to some like an uncommon practice, spiritually embracing a home is quite universal and trendy! In this interactive workshop, You will be introduced to positive strategies that aid in cleansing and ritually staging a home such as sage clearing, crystal healing, and sound therapy which are proven to produce incredible physical and emotional benefits - as well as tapping into a home's essence and a more soulful house hunting process.

This approach is inclined to encourage abundance, peaceful connections, and overall "Good Vibes. "It doesn't take much to make a home smile, you can heal any environment, improve its function and flow of positive energy," Jennifer says

In this workshop, you will experience the benefits of:

  • Clearing or "Smudging" any space
  • Crystals and their Healing Properties
  • A Mini Meditation
  • A Sound Bath Demonstration

Living mindfully isn't just for those who believe in spirits and chakras, it's for everyone, and everyone can agree that owning a home where you feel safe, positive, and beautiful is a vital

***This workshop is for everyone! Including those associated with the real estate market to establish a deeper connection with sellers and buyers in an unexpected way: the deepening of spirituality when looking for a home.


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