Rose Quartz Rune Stone Set

$38.00 USD

Experience the power of spiritual healing with the Rose Quartz Rune Stones. The Elder Futhark Runes were an ancient writing system used in Scandinavia during the pre-Viking era. They have been used since for divination and spiritual insight. Rose quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra enveloping the meaning of the runes in an aura of love and compassion. Allow the compassionate vibes of the rose quartz rune stones to give you insight.

This beautiful rune stone set comes in its own velvet pouch so you can easily carry them with you on your daily adventures. Makes a wonderful gift.

Majestic Triber Uses: "I love these rune stones. I carry the runestone for joy 'Wunjo' in my purse to call happiness into my life." 

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