Rudrani Seed Nine Planet Mala Gold Plate Necklace

$130.00 USD


With two precious and seven semi-precious gemstones representing the nine major planets. With gold plated caps.

From The Sattva Collection, this mala necklace features a variety of semi-precious gemstones on a strand of 108 rudrani seeds with counter bead gemstones representing the 9 planets. 

Invoke the support of the cosmos with these 9 semi-precious gemstones representing the 9 planets. Attune to their highest frequency. Paired with the rare and sacred seeds of the rudrani tree, representing the unity of the divine masculine and feminine energies within and without, these malas attract luck, love, and prosperity to your life. Invoke your own cosmic nature when wearing this special edition!

Handmade and blessed  by the Ganges

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