Ananta Bespoke Essence | Organic Perfume

$36.00 USD

Ananta (Sanskrit: अनन्त0 means "not ending," "limitless." 

A mother's love is infinite. Celebrate her this Mother's Day with our new divine floral scent. 

Ananta is a Majestic Bespoke Essence created right here in our apothecary - A blend of gardenia, lily of the valley, jasmine, strawberry, and grape, with middle notes of lilac and amber and a soft violet base. 

Lovingly packaged in a glass roller with a rose quartz rollerball top and an added quartz point inside to amplify your beautiful energy.

According to Ancient Greek mythology, the beautiful fragrance of gardenia could transport someone to the Elysian Fields of Paradise. You don't need a passport - to infinity - the Elysian fields and beyond! 

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