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Mother's Day Blessing Ritual Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Experiences

Mother's Day Blessing Ritual

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FREE Mother's Day Blessing Ritual!

Video here! 

In this FREE workshop enjoy the magic of honoring your mother using basic ritual elements you have at home such as herbs, crystals, herbs, and palo santo.

Or order a Deluxe Mother's Day Blessing Kit from Majestic here.

You will need:

  • a small and special bowl or vessel

  • various dried or fresh herbs such as lavender, sage, cedar, etc..

  • dried or fresh flowers

  • palo santo, sage or ritual incense

  • Crystal specimen

If you do not have supplies please order a Deluxe Mother's Day Blessing Kit from Majestic here.

Our Mother's Day Blessing Kit Includes:

One Four Inch Selenite Bowl

One bag of assorted dried herbs and flowers

One stick of Palo Santo

One Crystal Specimen choice of Tiger's Eye, Emerald, Pyrite, or Ocean Jasper

$38, plus shipping


Here is the Blessing recited in the video.

Today and every day we honor our Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, and Foremothers in our community. We honor Mother Nature as the Great Mother. Mothers -- we appreciate and celebrate you.

We do so by giving thanks to elements:
Sacred Earth, Sacred Air,
Sacred Fire, Sacred Water,
and to the Great Spirit.

In celebration, we kindle this flame with Love for all Mothers, past, present, and future. We gather sage, seeds, and blossoms in celebration of Community gardens of love and nurturing and the Great Circle of Life.

We give thanks to Mother Nature and all Mothers.
Happy Mothers Day!