The Majestic Crystal Crown Experience

$300.00 USD
We are Queens and Princesses: all of us, and We are Divine.

With this in mind, Jen has created an experience for those seeking a vibrant way to access their Psyche and Crown Chakra: The Majestic Crystal Crown Experience.

This is a 75-minute session utilizing many healing modalities that will help you access a greater level of insight and potential. This is an individualized mind, body, and soul transformation.

During your session, you will be guided both consciously and unconsciously with a full spectrum of meditative practices, rituals, and healing techniques to open your heart, soften your stress, and connect to your higher self.

At the culmination of the session, Jen creates an elaborate Crystal Healing Crown, intuitively selected and arranged at your crown chakra, to fully align your present purpose. An infinity Sound Bath will follow: Two crystal bowls are specifically chosen in your key to help access multiple states of awareness. The Crystal Crown Experience cradles you into a pure state of Love and Grace.

The session includes healing, three chosen crystals, and manifestation oil.

Clients say:

"This is perfection, that didn't know I needed."

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