Love Spell Kit

$35.00 USD

Cast a love spell with our Majestic Love Spell Kit! This kit includes all the ingredients and instructions you need to attract love into your life. No witchcraft degree required. 

Create your own magical herbal candle with this quick and easy Love Spell Kit.. Unleash the potential benefits of this unique experience and manifest your desires!  

Our Majestic Kit includes:

2 red chime candles

1 Chime candle holder

Blank Letterpresses Spell Card for Love

Vial of pyrite/quartz dust

Herbal mix of Lavender  and Rose petals 

* carrier oil not included 



Please note: all ingredients not for consumption. Do not use of you have allergies to essential oils or dried herbs. Utilize all safety measures when lighting your candle. this kit is for manifestations and entertainment purposes only  Enjoy! 





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