Little Crystal Trees

$18.00 USD

Bring in love, great fortune, and joyful energy with these baby crystal trees! Not only will they aid in cleansing and energizing your space, but they look gorgeous doing it. Variety of crystals included -- inquire about your pick!

Rose Quartz Tree- Inspires compassion, supports emotional healing within yourself and your relationships, and leads to a soothing weightless feeling of inner calm.

Pyrite Tree- A protective stone, that shields the user from negative energy at all times. Pyrite blocks energy leaks and heals auric tears.

Chakra Tree- Contains gemstones such as carnelian, fluorite, tourmaline, clear quartz, and more to balance every chakra.

Majestic Triber Uses: "I love keeping my chakra tree on my workstation to make sure I'm bringing my best energy to whatever I'm working on".

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