Lemurian Point | Unique Specimen

$88.00 USD

The Lemurian quartz crystals are known as the “master crystals," helping us maintain a connection to the spirit and give successful spiritual direction. Lemurian Quartz is also amazing for analyzing dreams when equipping a proper connection with the stone. The energy that it draws on helps you to connect to all the grid energies of the entire universe. 

Lemurian Points offer a unique bond with the Divine Feminine, facilitating spiritual unification, and granting access to the ancient knowledge and wisdom of Lemuria. These crystals serve as a conduit for the healing properties of Lemurian awareness, helping to overcome spiritual loneliness and depression. They also activate various empathic and intuitive abilities, with a focus on the Crown and Soul chakras.

Majestic Triber Uses: Quartz is such a great crystal for manifestation already, and these pieces just take it to that next level. I love having this stone by me whenever possible!" 

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