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Kantha Quilts and Coverings - Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Experiences

Kantha Quilts and Coverings

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Multicolor vintage Kantha quilts back in stock!

These are so beautifully handcrafted! Lightweight Kantha Quilts, are reversible and machine washable! They work perfectly as a sofa cover or half-size bed cover. 

Kantha refers to the type of stitch used in the craft of embroidery. This Kantha stitch gives the quilts their general wavy, textured quality. In rural India, Kantha blankets are offered to guests as an expression of welcome into the home.

We hope that you will feel connected to a deep-rooted history of rich human culture and that you too will offer yours to your house guests in an effort to find connections and human experience. 

We are always adding new Kantha quilts, throws and blankets so check back often!

Size- 150x225 CMS (approx)