It All Depends On The Chorus Sticker

$3.00 USD

“Chorus” {kawr-uh s} 

noun: a part of a song that recurs at intervals, usually following each verse; refrain.

Songwriters – you know what I am saying: Everything depends on this part of a song. Its the part you want to hear again and again.

Stick em' to your car, laptop, journals & sketchbooks, instrument cases, pint glasses, SUP board, boat, vespa, surfboard, yoga mats…the possibilities are endless!

4" diameter vinyl sticker

Materials & Craftsmanship  ~ Weatherproof ! These will last a lifetime, maybe two.

Design Inspiration ~ I sing, ALOT.


It all depends on the chorus © Jennifer Llewellyn & The Sticker Joint @ Reflectjen Style.

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