Indu Aromatherapy Lotion

$8.50 USD

A natural, full body lotion blended with essential oils and hand shaken with a sacred mantra. To fully experience the scent and sweetness of Indu have it massaged onto your neck, shoulders, hands, or feet while you are on a downward-facing dog or another favorite yoga pose! All natural, and 100% vegan “nectar of the moon”. 💫
Many people have fallen in LOVE with this premium lotion in Yoga class but you can experience the blissful scent of Indu on or off the mat. Indu Lotion is very relaxing before bed and is also an effective and natural insect repellant.

Majestic Triber Uses:

”This is my favorite lotion ever. The sweet smells of sage blend perfectly with lavender making it the perfect moisturizing lotion.”


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