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Head In The Dharma Clouds © Sticker

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Want your mind blown? Meditate + Explore the Dharma.

Boom! And, I am thinking you might need a sticker for this journey, no?

Stick em' to your car, laptop, journals & sketchbooks, instrument cases, pint glasses, SUP board, boat, vespa, surfboard, yoga mats…the possibilities are endless!

4" diameter vinyl sticker

Materials & Craftmanship  ~ Weatherproof ! These will last a lifetime, maybe two.

Design Inspiration ~ What’s the Dharma you say? Dharma is the doctrine, the universal truth common to all individuals at all times, as proclaimed by the Buddha. Dharma, the Buddha, and the Sangha (community) make up “Three Jewels,” to which Buddhists go for refuge. Plus, I like Cloud Talk.


Head in the Dharma Clouds © Jennifer Llewellyn & The Sticker Joint @ Reflectjen Style.