Handmade Paper Notebook for Intuitive Journaling

$12.00 USD

These notebooks and journals are simply stunning!
one-of-a-kind handmade paper made in India


Have you tried Intuitive Journaling?


 Intuitive journaling is a method to help you explore your inner wisdom and intuition and help you become more of your authentic self. This method is one of my favorite tools for self-discovery.

It is a fusion of many free-flowing creative practices such as writing, self-discovery, artistic expression, and more. The practice of "Writing down the bones" helps you tap more deeply into your intuitive nature and overall purpose. 

Simply grab a journal and a pen and begin by writing down your thoughts, feelings, dreams, images, physical sensations - anything that flows out of you and helps your tap your inner guidance. Keeping a written record is one of the best ways to amplify trust within yourself and develop your intuition. Go ahead give it a try!


Majestic Triber Uses:

”These unique notebooks always inspire me to keep journaling! I love how colorful and vibrant they are.”

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