Half Moon Meditation Pillow

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Don't Hate. Meditate.

Our Half Moon™ Design was created to provide you with comfort and style and a stroke of Hudson Valley Luck. ;) These super comfortable and stylish cushions are suitable for any meditation seat and many other decorative uses. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls and an optional touch of lavender to chill you out even more.

  • Designs are subject to slight variability
  • Half Moon 18” HIgh x 9" High x 3.5” deep

Design Inspiration ~  Henry Hudson sailed the Half Moon!  Need I say more...?  Well, maybe: I used to love my standard Zafu but it was dull and boring looking. As usual I had to shake things up a bit so I married my spiritually inspired textile art with the engineering of a standard Zafu cushion – filled with organic buckwheat in order to position the body in a stable upright seat. Sitting on the floor poised and awake, like the Buddha, creates a grounded base for formal meditation practice with blissful results. Plus you will have the best-looking cushion in the Sangha. ;) These cushions make for many uses: decoration, restorative yoga, baby soothing, maybe even for a beloved pet. Made with Love for you to Love. 

Materials & Craftmanship ~  Handmade in the Hudson Valley! Got ink? All Fabric and Textile Designs copyrighted by Jennifer Llewellyn from my very own fine art prints. Fabric printed in the USA or hand block printed in the Reflectjen® Studio.

We also are ecstatic to give a major shoutout to the passionate assistant curators of this product: the dedicated individuals at the Community Studio from the Community Center of Northern Westchester. These pillows are created within the local community in partnership with the Community Studio, signifying the teamwork and beautiful journey that goes into making them.

We support artisans everywhere - especially those who need a little help in building their craft. Jen teaches entrepreneurial programs in marketing, business, and sales to the students and members of the Community Studio Program. Working Together, Creating Opportunities, could there be a better match? 

Majestic Triber Uses:

”This pillow is the perfect shape to meditate on — it supports me completely and allows me to fall into a deep state of relaxation.” 


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