Citrine | Tumbled

$5.00 USD

Citrine activates creativity and intelligence, boosts confidence, and increases personal power. A powerful solar plexus chakra crystal, citrine promotes a positive mental attitude.

Citrine was first referred to in the Old Testament as ‘chrysolitus’, Greek for ‘gold stone’. The vibrant crystal has possessed many uses throughout different cultures and time periods--from an ornament to jewelry and tools in Ancient Greece, to being welded onto the swords and daggers of Scottish men In the 17th century for protection, to being worn by Queen Victoria as a symbol of abundance and success. 

Majestic Triber Uses: "They call it 'the Vitamin C of stones' for a reason! Citrine keeps me optimistic, energized, and mentally sharp, so I can take on whatever the universe has in store for me!"

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