Black Salt for Protection Magic

$8.00 USD

In some folk magic traditions, black salt is a magical protective tool to keep you and your environment safe.

Sprinkle it around an environment to keep unpleasant people or things from crossing into your sacred zone.

Use it at work — tuck a small bagful under your desk to prevent annoying coworkers or the office chit-chatter from hanging around.

Toss some black salt into the footsteps of negative folks to keep them from returning.

Dress a black candle in oil and then roll it in black salt, and use it in spell work for banishing negative forces.

Overall Black Salt It is used to drive away evil and used in Wiccan protection rituals and spells. If your beliefs prohibit you from doing this work, don't do it!
Follow your whimsy with any comfortable essential protection against negative forces, have you tried our Crystal Magic?

Majestic Triber Uses:

"My black salt never fails to bring me security when I feel my aura's been disturbed"

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