Azurite Malachite | Raw

$12.00 USD

Azurite- Malachite also known as the stone of transformation, absorbs all positive energy and dispels the negative ones, helps one with their intuition, and provides spiritual guidance. Known as the stone of transformation as it is commonly used for deep inner and energy cleaning as it provides one with a sensation of a "fresh lease of life" by rejuvenating the soul.

Majestic Triber Uses:

"I let my past interfere with my present self, which in turn, has led me to miss out on new experiences/relations. A friend suggested this stone could help and glad I didn't pass on this one, as its frequency truly does provide you with a feeling of a fresh start in the palm of your hands and a sensation that regardless of the blues we may hold within it is never too late to transform into whatever it is you want to be."

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