Aquamarine | Small | Raw

$6.00 USD

Aquamarine is known as the mermaid stoneĀ because of its strong association with the calming powers of the ocean and the ability of water to go with the flow.Ā This water element stone brings us in touch with our subconscious and deepest feelings, while also activating the throat chakra in order to calmly and clearly communicate our deepest truth.

Imported from Brazil, these luminous blue gemstones have the power to balance emotions and enhance communication. It's also considered to be the stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Aquamarine is traditionallyĀ believed to be the treasured stone of mermaids; used by sailors for luck, fearlessness, and protection; andĀ helpsĀ those recovering from trauma.Ā 

Majestic Triber Uses:

"Not only does aquamarine calm and ground me when I'm feeling stressed or disorganized, but the magicalĀ marine energy within the stone helps me channel my inner mermaid!"

ā€œ'I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.'Ā 

ā€•Ā AnaĆÆs Nin

"Always think like a mermaid!"

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