Hi again Jennifer,

I also wanted to include some more resources about how to increase your online conversions and make the online user experience more enjoyable for your customers.

  • Shipping fees are one of the number one causes of abandoned carts. I would suggest adding a flat rate for all orders and a free shipping rate for customers who spend over $25. This gives customers an incentive to spend more when shopping with you.

Here's how to set up free shipping on your store.

  • I noticed that there are only 8 products per page on your website. This can cause frustration for customers viewing your store as they need to keep clicking next to see the next 8 products.

Here's how to adjust the amount of products shown per page.

  • Email marketing is a super useful tool to engage with existing customers. Checkout this email marketing guide for tips and tricks on how to be successful with email marketing.

Thanks for being so awesome! Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help :)