Welcome to Kinship with Nature with Cathy Carter, founder of Creating Sacred Places

"The Elementals of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire".

Where you will Discover the Magic of Communicating with Nature in illuminating and fascinating ways.

More about "The Elementals"

Our deep connection with Nature is just as essential to the well-being of our world as our very breath is to our own lives. 

Nature is a part of who we are. When we lose that connection to Nature, we cut ourselves off from a vast intelligence - a deeper understanding of life, unlimited creativity, storehouses of energy, and unbounded Love. Many ancient cultures and present-day indigenous tribes live in tune with Nature and all the intelligence found within her. By moving away from linear "mind only", mechanical, reductionist thinking and moving toward a more heart-centered holistic perception, we restore this connection, and suddenly our individual lives are enriched beyond what we could imagine.

An elemental is the nexus of subtly primed consciousness and vitality working at the junction between spirit and matter. They are the constituent parts of an ever-evolving, life-giving expression of divine creation, working on the front line of the physical formation. Each elemental is charged with a specific mission regarding the assemblage, cohesion, and animation of physical matter on Earth, ranging in the density of mountain rock to the rarefied heat of a candle flame. They are created and programmed by a sublime hierarchy of advanced consciousness, which over time develops their Life Spirit to a point where they can create life itself. This gift of life radiates down through the octaves of manifestation and condensation, and out into infinitesimal elemental parts.

May 7 | Water: The water spirits or undines, nymphs and nicxes, as they are called in folklore, exist in the flowing, moist and watery elements on Earth. In spiritual science, they are identified as the world chemists. They are responsible for the chemical ether within the totality of Earth's etheric body, without them, there would be no transformation of substances. The chemical ether can be regarded as the life force behind the coalescing and dissolving of the moist element on Earth. Water is the flow of consciousness on the planet. It carries memories, reacts to emotions and permeates all life.

June 11, Air: The air spirits, also known as sylphs in folklore, live in the airy element of the ether and they become enchanted into all forms of gas in the earthly realm. The sylphs are also the light bearers in the etheric body of our planet. The sylphs convey the light ether through the element of air and bring it to bear upon the ripening processes of nature. The sylphs are sensitive to the alignments of the planets and they are highly receptive to the information radiating in from the sun. From the weather to things that fly to our very breath, air is a very powerful and magical element.

July 16, Fire: The fire spirits, also known as salamanders in folklore tradition, are the oldest of the elementals and therefore their consciousness is the most developed. They are, above all, beings of transformation, and they know the sacred pathway from death and decay to rebirth intimately. Fire is the gateway to the spiritual world - a doorway into the supersensible realms and we stand in front of it with reverence, which is why acts of ritual devotion commence with the kindling of a flame.


In this series, we will dive deep into the study of nature both in our sanctuary and out into the wild over four workshops.

You may register for this single workshop, or for the whole series, dates to be announced.