Amazonite | Raw

$18.00 USD

Amazonite renews and inspires feelings of optimism, connecting with the playfulness of the inner child. This stone harmonizes the hearth and throat chakras, aiding in authentic and peaceful communication. In doing so, this stone assists in setting healthy boundaries where needed in your life. It aligns your actions and your words with integrity. 

Thought to have been discovered in the Amazon River Basin, Amazonite is also known as "Amazon stone." Imported from Brazil, these raw, natural stones have the power to let harmony and compassion shine in your life. 

A favorite among therapists and social workers! 

Majestic Triber Uses: 

"One of the most amazing stones for communication and trust. And such a pretty color! Hold in your palm, close your eyes, and imagine that you are held up completely by the Universe... ahhhh.... Now speak your truth aloud so your intentions can manifest." 

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