Frankincense Tears

$12.00 USD

Frankincense tears consist of the resin obtained from Boswellia carter, a species of tree native to Arabia, India, and northern Africa. It takes between 8 and 10 years for these small, thorny, shrub-like trees to mature before the milky resin can be hand-harvested.

Frankincense actually appeared throughout the old testament of the bible numerous times. While wonderful for incense, Frankincense has many other fantastic uses. Frankincense can help to calm the central nervous system, supporting a relaxed mental state and strengthening clarity of mind.

Ayurvedic practitioners also have used frankincense for many years but they refer to it as "dhoop" and use it in purification and healing ceremonies as well. In Paganism or Wicca Frankincense is used to purify places and is also used as ritual offerings for patrons.

Frankincense granules are highly aromatic and are typically burned over smoldering charcoal bricks as incense.

The package includes 1 Ounce of Sweet Golden Frankincense Resin.


Majestic Triber Uses:

“Golden Nuggets of Sensual Scent. Frankincense gives me that purified Church Feeling”


How To use:

1. Light a charcoal block

2.Place in your fire and heat safe cauldron or dish.

3.Once ignited and underway, place the resin on the block.

4.Enjoy the fragrant smoke.

5.Or simply place on foil directly on the stovetop on low heat.


Kosher Certification by STAR-K.

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