Zen Token® Meditative Amulets for the Soul

$22.00 USD

What is a Zen Token® Amulet?

Zen Token Meditative Amulets for the Soul are handmade creations - meant to inspire the intuitive and empower the positive. In fact, Zen Token Amulets are anything you want them to be - a work of art, a spiritual guide, a good luck charm, a meditation aid, a mini shrine, etc. It fits in the palm of your hand, making it a portable sacred object. Each Token comes with a silk bag to cradle your amulet during travel and a wooden stand for display.

Each Zen Token Amulet is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art by Jennifer Llewellyn. No two are the same! Jen incorporates many handmade papers, prints, drawings and inspirational words into mini mixed media pieces encased in glass and edged in copper. Copper is a powerful metal that directs spiritual energy and acts as an aide in the body’s healing process. The imagery, colors and art Jen has chosen are meant to connect with one unique spirit so that every time you look at your Zen Token Amulet you are taking a well-deserved moment to connect with your sublime self.

These make wonderful gifts for you or cherished others. Place a Zen Token Amulet on your altar, your desk, on a shelf, in your car, give one to a friend - the possibilities are endless! Take it with you everywhere and let your Amulet empower your journey while also being a gentle reminder to be present.

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