Witches Athame | Witchcraft Tool and Book Bundle

$32.00 USD

The Witches Athame is a traditional tool used in witchcraft and ritual to channel and direct energy. It is a ceremonial knife that represents the element of Fire, and is a powerful symbol for directing and focusing energy to manifest desired results.

This Is not a traditional knife, noris itvused as a knife, The athame's primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, crafted with intention, an Athame is for magical practitioners everywhere. Our Majestic Athame has a bejeweled care designed by one of our artisans.

This Athame and book bundle offers a perfect combination for anyone interested in witchcraft. The Witches Athame book contains detailed information on the history and uses of the athame, and provides an ideal introduction to this tool of witchcraft.

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