Grapefruit Pine | Café Tin | Soy Candle

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Grapefruit Pine is our favorite candle! 

It's the candle that sells itself a beautiful combo of Grapefruit, plum, Siberian fir, musk & sandalwood.  An incredible mix of citrus and woodsy tones.

Faithful replica of a vintage dry goods canister - so cute!
Taking inspiration from vintage, age-worn containers, the Café Tins is a faithful replica of an old-fashioned dry goods canister complete with a matching inset lid and finished with a brass nameplate.
This candle should give approximately sixty hours of burn time. The Café Tin can be reused once the wick has burned away, and it has been cleaned out, for refilling, or repurposed as a decorative container for your table, dresser, desk, or kitchen counter, to be used time and time again.
We love you o' Grapefruit Pine!

10 ozs | 50 hours burn | 2.5" x 3"
Majestic Triber Uses:
”My absolute favorite candle and scent of all time. Will leave my space smelling like heaven and grapefruits for days— and I’ll never become tired of it!”

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