Celestite | Raw | Unique Specimen

$85.00 USD

Celestite: the Angel's Stone or Visionary stone, is an excellent gem for artists, musicians, designers and all who need to stimulate creativity and expand their ideas.

Celestite is a powerful crystal of celestial connection, expanding the consciousness to receive wisdom from the Divine Source. The angelic realm will expand it's a presence with Celestite in your world. This crystal teaches patience and perfect trust while instilling a profound sense of peace and acceptance of gifts from the divine.

And it is so darn pretty!!!!!!! Sold as an individual cluster about palm sized.

Please note that Celestite is very fragile, and should be handled carefully. Do not keep these clusters in direct sunlight, as their color will fade. Recharge Celestite by wrapping the stone in a soft blue cloth and setting it in a drawer or box for up to two days.


Majestic Triber Uses:

”My favorite stone of all time. The colors of Celestite are beautiful but its angelic powers are even better. I know I can count on Celestite to help me expand and deepen my consciousness and be more receiving to the universe”.

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