Majestic Florida Water

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Florida Water is a wonderful brew - infused with powerful botanicals, crystals, and intentions.  A healing essence for over 200 years, its power comes from traditional recipes infused with intention. Florida Water is in every witch's apothecary, so, ya know, I made some. and it is beautiful, filled with the essence of rose, jasmine, moonstone, tourmaline, quartz, heaps of healing, abundant intentions.

Some history about Florida Water:

Florida Water or Flower Water has a long history of use in medicine and folk magic, introduced for the first time in 1808, this eau de cologne was a staple in American perfumeries as early as the 1830s. With so many uses, Florida Water was an indispensable product for any nineteenth-century home and was considered appropriate to be worn by men and women alike - used in sachets to scent linens and fresh flowers, and also used in barbershops as cologne and aftershave. It was used as a body splash, and also added to bathwater.

Not surprisingly, Florida Water has also become popular in Wiccan and other pagan magical practices. Florida Water also found its way into magical practices for purification, ritual offerings, cleansing of body and home, and attracting love.

The name “Florida Water” also refers to the fabled "Fountain of Youth" which was said to be discovered by Juan Ponce de León located in St. Augustine, Florida.  


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