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VIRTUAL Winter Solstice Ritual Workshop

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Here we are on the snowflaked fringe of many things:

Winter Solstice Magic, Holidays, the New Year, and formidable Planetary Alignments*!

As we move into deep winter we will see shifts in our lives and perspective. This will be an evening of rebirth, sharing, community, and craft as we take the time to honor ourselves individually, and collectively with prayer, meditation, and a manifestation ritual to bring us into 2021 with grace and peace

For safety reasons, we have created this personal, virtual version of this Workshop.  Book a one-hour session with Jen here!

The ritual includes a virtual session via zoom, and supplies mailed or dropped off to you in advance.

Namaste + Merci


Any questions please email Jen at


*Some planetary alignments to note:
This December, Jupiter, and Saturn will put on a show for sky-gazers that has not been seen in 800 years. Astronomers are calling it the Great Conjunction of 2020. On December 21 — coincidentally the winter solstice — the two largest planets in our solar system will appear to almost merge in Earth’s night sky.