Tweefontein Herb Elixirs

$15.00 USD

The Sleep Elixir:

Take this for restlessness, insomnia, and general nerve relief before bed. Our sleep elixir has a synergistic blend of several botanicals to nourishes and sooth the nervous system and is a gentle, effective, and safe herbal sedative. 

Ingredients: Valerian, Skullcap, Lemonbalm, Catnip, Lavender, Lemongrass, Hops, Cloves, Nutmeg, Vanilla Extract, Chamomile, Raw Unfiltered Honey, Organic Cane Alcohol.


The Immune Elixir:

A highly concentrated formula, our immune elixir provides the ultimate relief from acute cold and flu symptoms. Take anytime your immune system needs a boost!

Ingredients: Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Elderberry, Yarrow, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Horseradish, Lobelia, Elecampane, Fennel, Thyme, Oregano, Clove, Licorice, Raw Unfiltered Honey, organic cane alcohol.


The Digestive Bitters Elixir:

Our digestive bitters support healthy liver function, relieve heartburn, support gentle detoxing and healthy skin, aid in absorption of nutrients, help curb sugar cravings, and promote overall healthy digestion. 

Ingredients: Dandelion leaf and root, Chicory Root, Burdock Root, Peppermint, Fennel Seed, Calendula, ginger, Orange Peel, Angelica Root, Gentian Root, Cinnamon, Hyssop, Licorice, Clove, Black Pepper, Star Anise, Maple Syrup, organic cane Alcohol.


S.V. 2021


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