SNOW MOON WEEKEND RETREAT | February 7-9, 2020 | New Paltz, NY

Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga Class

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Yoga  |  Meditation  |  Mindfulness

6 - 7:pm 
Candlelight Evening Restorative Yoga
Golden Prana Yoga, Katonah, NY

An ultimate hour to begin the week! Need to bring it down a notch, pamper yourself, recharge, renew? This is the class for you! A slow and gentle approach to energy stabilizing, breath deepening and stress-reducing opportunities using props for support and surrender. Also aroma, sound, and light therapy, Supreme Chillnes....

Beginner Restorative Yoga and Meditation
Golden Prana Yoga, Katonah, NY

Beginner Restorative and Meditation: De-stress and unwind with this beginner practice designed to build strength, promote deep relaxation, and restore tired and tight muscles. This passive practice involves variations of softer poses combined with mindfulness meditation techniques.

All levels welcome to restorative classes!

Private Instruction and consulting is available in all forms of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and creativity. I will do my best to assist in making you your best self.