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Peridot & Pearl Anahata Chakra Pendant Mala Necklace

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From The Sattva Collection

Chakras, or vortex’s of energy, represent specific energy centers along the spine. Understanding the higher vibration of each chakra allows us to transcend imbalance, raise our energy, activate our creative Shakti, and to express the highest probability of each vortex of energy and of the Self. Each of our chakra pendants are paired with the appropriate gemstone to support deepest healing and connection to the specific energy center.

Located at the heart center, the Anahata chakra is our energetic connection to the circulatory system. The qualities of this chakra are love, devotion, dedication, inspiration, timelessness, compassion and pure joy.

108 stone mala

Pearl: Calmness, grace, peacefulness and feminine receptivity

Peridot: Wear for Communication