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Oracle Reading

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Oracle! 

Your session will be personalized to aid you in your vision, and intentions for any time of year. Completely confidential and fully adaptive to set you on a path to your greatest self. 

What are oracle cards?

They're a tool that can be used for introspection or, depending on your divination  

Your intuition is ready to guide you, let’s tap that with an oracle reading. A half hour session with meditation, oracle card guidance, and crystal alignments. This is a very easy and approachable way to begin a relationship and honor your guides within.

Spirit and our intuition will guide you in your journey. 💫

Your hour or half-hour session will include two-three of the following attunements:

  • One to two of your personal needs or intentions addressed
    with suggestions of Sacred Crystal aids.
  • An Intuitive Moon Deck Oracle Card Reading
  • Meditation Instruction 
  • Reiki Healing

  • Complimentary advice on building a sacred shrine.


Please note this session can be done in person or a virtual session via Zoom  

* PLUS 10% off all boutique purchases at the time of the session.

In one session, you will walk away with the beginning of your very own spiritual toolkit!

Begin now to aid growth and insight on a daily basis.


Really, who needs a multi-vitamin? Crystals are way prettier don't ya think?

email or call ‭(845) 581-0955‬
to make an appointment  virtual sessions available  


XO Jen