Majestic Moon Circle : Full Moon + Spring Equinox Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Experiences

Majestic Moon Circle : Full Moon + Spring Equinox

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Majestic Moon Circle: Full Moon + Spring Equinox

Here we begin our monthly circles to align your body, mind, and soul!

Saturday March 19, 2022

5:30 - 7 pm


THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT: Register for our NEW MOON Circle on April 1st!

On March 19, we have a beautiful blend of energy arising: The full moon in Virgo and the Spring Equinox, Ostara - we are right smack in the middle on this day - so let's make the most of it. Full moons are associated with release and reflection.

What is a Majestic Moon Circle?
Well, it's a magical gathering of souls, in a magical place. Our sanctuary is here to hold sacred space during some of the most important times of the lunar cycle, and all times.

These are gatherings of the collective: in meditation, ritual, sacred practices, and deep relaxation. Every circle will be a new and refreshing blend of ritual, community, poetry, yoga, sound therapy, aromatherapy, to name a few! Jen often throws in a few surprises, and you always leave with a bag of goodies.

Each experience culminates with a blended sensory experience:
✨ Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Bath
✨ Crystal Healing Alignments
✨ Aromatherapy,
>>>>> and more!

You will float out of this experience and leave with a template for your own sacred journey. Feel free to bring your crystals or ritual items to bless and be blessed during this communal, blissful experience.


After the guided journey, you may mingle. We love to mingle.


This workshop is limited to 10 participants, vaccination preferred, and mask optional. Register soon and make it a safe and insightful experience for you and your friends!