Crystal Mandalas & Meditations

Crystal Mandalas & Meditations

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Crystal Mandalas & Meditations

A Majestic Ritual Workshop

Thursday, October 22, 6:30-8:30 pm

Learn how to create crystal mandalas for healing and insight. 

This is a fun, beautiful, and powerful process.

Crystal Mandalas are geometric configurations of precious stones, and natural elements used to focus your attention, guide an intention, or enrich your spiritual practice. A Mandala translates to "circle" in Sanskrit मण्डल. They are used in many traditions as anchors to sacred spaces, aids to a meditation practice, or maps to the divine.

Together we will practice a suggested meditation followed by step by step instructions on selecting and deciphering crystal alignments as a way to enhance your wheel of life with sacred patterns. 

This exercise aids wealth, relaxation, healing, love, success, and protection. We will also learn how to energize your crystal mandala, and use it for cleansing your environment, aura, as well as rejuvenate your sense of self.


Jennifer requests you to register at least 48hours in advance so she may prepare materials.

This workshop is limited to 5 participants, will be socially distanced with a mask. Register soon and make it a safe and insightful party for you and your friends!

Any questions please call ‭Jennifer @ 845.581.0955‬


In this workshop, you will have a full selection of natural crystals, minerals, and fossils to choose from our boutique. Two crystal selections are included in the experience, if you decide to keep additional elements, you will be honored with a 20% discount in addition to the workshop fee.