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Gemstone Malas

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Malas a traditional tool that has been around for thousands of years earliest dating back to the 8th century B.C. They're typically used for keeping count while meditating but can be worn as a necklace and/or wrapped around the wrist several times.

These beauties areย knotted with some of our favorite gemstones, with a total of 108 beads and a tassel; Made in India.ย 

Currently Available:

Black Onyx- Enhances clear focus, amplifies intentionsย 

African Turquoise - Clears blockages, Restores proper flow of life force energy throughout the body, most influential in heart, throat, and third eye chakras.ย 

Rose Quartz and Rhodonite- Love stones provide healing and balance for the heart and emotions, aiding to reduce and suppress anxiety

Labradorite- Transformation stone, balances and protects the aura, raising consciousness while grounding spiritual energies

Amethyst- Activates spiritual awareness, boosting the immune system by purifying blood which in turn reduces physical, emotional, and psychological pain or stress

Moonstone- With its gentle appearance and unique lunar energy; aiding in inner peace and balance, uplifting hope and appeasement, and bringer of daily wellbeing.

  • Mixed gemstone mala
  • 108 knotted beads plus guru bead and tassel
  • Made in Indiaย 


Many styles are available please contact us for availability!