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Feng Shui Crystal Ball Sun Catcher

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There are many ways to use faceted crystals! In feng shui, there are too many to count other than majestically catching the sunlight.

Here are a few ways to supercharge the energy flow of your home!

Stop clashing elements.

The most common way to use a faceted crystal comes about when a stove and a sink are opposite one another. This can cause a clash between fire and water, and often promotes strong arguments between the man and woman of the house. Add a clear crystal between the stove and sink will help put a stop to the arguments and create harmony again.

Curb running chi.

When thereโ€™s energy thatโ€™s moving too quickly, such as stairs that face a doorway, hanging a crystal here is an excellent way to stop the energy from moving too quickly.ย 

Cures poison arrows.

Is there a wall or a corner thatโ€™s aimed at your desk or bed? A crystal between the corner and your bed or desk will help stop the arrow and disperse the chi.

Promotes mentor and helpful people luck.

Crystals in the northwest corner will help bring mentors to you, promote international business and travel, and bring helpful people to your aid.ย 

Complete missing corners.

When you have a missing corner, earth energy from a faceted crystal can help anchor that missing energy.ย 

Enhance love luck.

A hanging crystal is an excellent activator for love luck when hung in a southwest corner or southwest-facing window.

Promote concentration.

If thoughts are unclear, add a crystal to wherever study.

Activate earth energies.

To promote relationships and education, activate the earth corners of the house with a crystal.ย