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Majestic Hudson Lifestyle
Majestic Hudson Lifestyle

Healing Crystal Grid Workshop

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Watch my FREE Healing Crystal Grid Workshop Video here!



In this FREE workshop, Jennifer Llewellyn will show you how to create a mini crystal grid that focuses on healing and abundance.

If you do not have supplies feel free to order the kit listed here.

Crystal Grids are designs based on sacred geometry,
and the patterns of our life.

They are often simple designs we can use for any purpose! The crystals themselves are chosen carefully and placed intentionally on a grid format to create a physical template of focused energy and harmony.

A grid is especially useful when your intention needs a lot of power behind it in order to attract it to you.


Mini Healing Crystal Grid Kit Includes:

1 Mini Crystal Mandala Disc

5 Aquamarine specimens

4 Garnet Specimens

1 Quartz Point


Please email Jen here for delivery instructions. 

Free shipping in the continental US, or curbside pickup/local delivery. 

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