Kinship with Nature | June 11 | Air

$45.00 USD

Welcome to Kinship with Nature with Cathy Carter, founder of Creating Sacred Places

In this Series we cover Air.

This is the third in a series of enriching workshops
"The Elementals of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire".

Where you will Discover the Magic of Communicating with Nature in illuminating and fascinating ways.

On June 11,  we cover the Elemental,  Air.
Air: The air spirits, also known as sylphs in folklore, live in the airy element of the ether and they become enchanted into all forms of gas in the earthly realm. The sylphs are also the light bearers in the etheric body of our planet. The sylphs convey the light ether through the element of air and bring it to bear upon the ripening processes of nature. The sylphs are sensitive to the alignments of the planets and they are highly receptive to the information radiating in from the sun. From the weather to things that fly to our very breath, air is a very powerful and magical element.

Each workshop will include an invocation, guided meditation, reading and explanation, exercises and time to practice them, a discussion of experiences, and handouts.


Learn more about "The Elementals" Here.

Our deep connection with Nature is just as essential to the well-being of our world as our very breath is to our own lives.  

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