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Chandra Embroidery Sphere

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Just a Moon Child,

Making 🌙🌒🌓🌑🌘🌗🌖🌔🌕Thangs.


Sip on this lunar latte:

Here is Chandra, चन्द्रShe is a shining lunar deity in Hinduism. Also known as Soma. On the inner level on consciousness, Chandra is the reflective light of the mind, and Soma is the sacred nectar of higher states of awareness.


These spectacular embroidery pieces by Reflectjen can be used for anything! ONE OF A KIND   

Place them on a T-shirt place them on your pocketbook use them as a patch hang them as a Dreamcatcher

I can and will transform anything into a magical artisan piece to inspire you on your sacred journey. 

Inquire about pieces. Or commission your own. 


Take a peek at our Magical Embroidery and Silkscreen Art here at Majestic. Many of the pieces are ONE OF A KIND.

see our “Majestic Collection”

I can transform anything old into the spectacular new.