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Carnelian Nuggets Majestic Hudson Lifestyle Experiences

Carnelian Nuggets

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Carnelian is the stone of grounding. It helps stimulate courage, confidence, vitality, and protection, while instilling faith in your thoughts and emotions. These little nuggets keep your head in check and your body lit up!

Carnelian is the stone of grounding it helps stimulate courage confidence protection while helping you have faith in your thoughts and emotions. It provides endurance through situations that can be exhausting, especially social situations. Carnelian is also a stimulant for the expression of one's sexuality, is a stabilizer of life energy in the body while promoting assertion and bravery. Overall, Carnelian is a superb stone for any kind of crystal healing, for both beginners and experts thanks to its properties promoting a lifestyle of empowerment and taking control over traumatic situations. 

Majestic Triber Uses: "Carnelian always helps me feel more confident when I'm in public. I'm actually wearing it right now!" 

AD 6/22