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Introducing AstroPoetry!! These astrological packs are designed with each of Astrology sign in mind to conjure creativity while keeping you focused.

A poetry prompt is created for each star sign to tap into and activate your own creative center in the universe!

For all lovers of writing and experimental creativity-- with an astrological twist!

Each pack comes with a personalized digital download poetry prompt attuned on your sign.

BONUS! Your very own Handmade in India Cotton Astrology Journal is also included!*

*Please include shipping address upon ordering so you may receive your journal!*

All AstroPoetry Prompts created by Ellie Prusko

A portion of the proceeds will then be donated to the National Poetry Foundation!

Capricorn Poetry Prompt

Aquarius Poetry Prompt

Pisces Poetry Prompt

Aries Poetry Prompt

Taurus Poetry Prompt

Gemini Poetry Prompt

Cancer Poetry Prompt

Leo Poetry Prompt

Virgo Poetry Prompt