Alchemy of Sound | Friday, September 29 💫 6:30 - 8 pm

$44.00 USD
Alchemy of Sound 


Friday, September 29, 2023 💫  

6:30 - 8 pm 

Welcome to Our Alchemy of Sound Experience.

This evening you will experience supreme relaxation during the Full Harvest Moon in Aries.

We perform a collaborative Alchemy of Sound - Where our Sanctuary becomes a purified stage for you to experience an improvisational, intuitive sound experience that guides all to peace and clear seeing. 

You will arrive to surrender to our healing vibrations channeled through live music and intuitive healing performed collaboratively by Jennifer Llewellyn, Falcon Ark, and Spirit

An experience like no other!

Participants have said

" At times soothing, and others ecstatic"

"Falcon's guitar playing is free melodic flight"

"One word: Transported"

What to Expect:

✨ Deep Meditation

✨ Live Ethereal Guitar Music

✨ Quartz Singing Bowls 

✨ Personal Reiki Healing


✨ Crystal Healing Alignments

✨ Tuning Forks and Quartz Bells

✨ Aromatherapy,

>>>>> and more! 

The entire experience is received while sitting or lying down in Savasana. You will float out of this experience and leave with a template for your sacred journey. Feel free to bring your crystals or ritual items to bless and be blessed during this communal, blissful experience.

After the guided journey, you may mingle. We love to mingle.

Props are provided. Please feel free to bring warm clothes, blankets, or props of your choosing. During the healing process, there may be fluctuations in your body temperature.

Please note: this event is only refundable 3 days prior to the event. If you cancel the day of the event or do not show up, or are late to our event and the door is locked , your ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, as we usually sell out and start on time. In some circumstances, Jen will apply your ticket price to a different event in the sanctuary, based on availability.

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