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Majestic Tarot Card Readers


Tarot Card Readings are Back!

with the gifted “Magical Homemaker” - Erin!

Erin is in the store one Saturday a month. Next up 11/20, 12-4
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Erin also reads cards online, over Zoom.
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About Erin’s Readings
These are not like other Tarot Readings. Erin will not tell you your future. Instead, she will shine a light on your essence and your purpose. They are called Tarot Alignment Sessions because they recalibrate your mindset and energy for the greatest good. A Tarot Alignment Session with Erin will help you gain perspective on and navigate the energy in your life. 

About Erin Mahollitz
Tarot Reader. Spiritual Teacher. Cottage Witch.
Erin has been reading Tarot cards for 20 years. Her readings activate the intuitive knowledge in her clients, engaging them as wise and empowered beings. Her classes teach the archetypes found in Tarot, how to create sacred space, and use the moon for manifestation. Erin helps homemakers develop magical practices that support their joy, meaning, and power. She hosts spiritual gatherings to connect folks with the power of nature, lunar cycles, and seasonal shifts.

Erin is in the store one Saturday a month. 
Reserve a Saturday Session

Erin also reads cards online, over Zoom.
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Why do we love Erin? Because she is about EVERYDAY MAJESTIC MAGIC. She guides and helps you find the perspective needed to empower and support you in every sacred journey. The Tarot acts as a mirror, reflecting to you what is happening in your life.

One Saturday a Month, and by appointment in-person and virtually

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Call Erin at 845.605.2332

Session Fees:

Learn more about Erin’s offerings at or on Instagram @magicalhomemaking .