Majestic Tarot Card Readers


Tarot Card Readings are Back!

with the gifted “Magical Homemaker” - Erin!

Why do we love Erin? Because she is about EVERYDAY MAJESTIC MAGIC. She guides and helps you find the perspective needed to empower and support you in every sacred journey. The Tarot acts as a mirror, reflecting to you what is happening in your life.

One Saturday a Month, and by appointment in-person and virtually

Book now for your personal energetic checkin-in, and guidance. 👉
Call Erin at 845.605.2332,
or link in bio to register online here.

Session Fees:

THE FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT: Erin will be available regularly in person at our Majestic Sanctuary, and virtually! Be a High Priestess and book now!