Snow Moon 2022 - Let's Roar!

Snow Moon 2022 - Let's Roar!

Our beloved February Full Moon goes by the name “Snow Moon” due to its nature of possessing heavier snowfalls as legend says.
Full moons are times of reflection: where we are, and what we have done to attain our goals and intentions that were set during the new moon phase. This year's full Snow Moon is in the fiercely fixed liberal proud and confident sign of Leo whose ruler is the Sun; and the Sun is in Aquarius- whose ruler is Saturn.

Overall this means that the sun - which is the ruler of our self-expression to the world - is currently beaming its Aquarian-Saturn ruled energy. This consists of the structure and discipline of our emotions (The Moon) in Leo aka the complete opposite of Leo! My advice to you is to pull the reigns before you reach a dead-end.

Therefore during this time, it is challenging us to see what is, acceptance towards certain matters that no longer work, and taking accountability which in turn will help build us back up stronger. IN ADDITION, this is the first full moon to take place in which no planets are in retrograde since April 2021! Finally, it has been a long haul!

This full moon is something quite special, to say the least, and all the cosmic momentum is in our favor to aid the reignition of our inner flames of passion, creativity, confidence, and lastly, hope for our futures. Trust yourself enough to act on matters that benefit your inner truth during this time.
As we fan our Leo flame, the surrounding stillness and coldness of the world will have little to no impact on us. This Snow Moon has come to the rescue and is here to unleash your inner Lioness and power to do what is best for YOU.

So go on cut those ties that no longer serve you, change those patterns that no longer assist your self-evolution! journey, and watch yourself bloom.

Let me hear you ROAR!


Jenn Rodriguez

(Boutique Director)

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