Monsoon, Heaven Sent

Monsoon, Heaven Sent

Good Morning. I'm back, kinda. I can't help myself.

This past weekend was fairly eventful. I had a front-row seat to a Hudson Valley Monsoon. Yep, it was raining, not boxes, but buckets of rain as I'd never seen before, and every detour led to another detour and another, and another until one had no choice but to sit still and embrace ALL THE WATER.

Rain is medicine. Water from the sky blesses us and is considered a sign of good luck. Rain symbolizes positive renewal, and change in life in general, it can be taken as a sign that good things are about to come your way. I mean, who needs Moldavite anyway? Rain can take care of what needs to be washed away.

I'm one hundred percent on board with this blessed belief. I always feel lighter when the heaviness of rain sets in. From my monsoon perch, I was able to notice subtleties in the environment. There was so much flooding that it was easy to notice what was happening where there was not water.

It's surreal being in the epicenter of an epic rainstorm - just give up on the umbrella, puddles are suddenly up to your knees. Movement becomes restrained as rainstorms ofte order one to stay put and be open to new beginnings. 

It's everything and simultaneously blissfully nothing to observe a rainstorm. 

The water element telling me to stop, brush raindrops off my cheek, and then charge headfirst into the downpour, smiling.

It's like a slice of Heaven at least it is to me. Like swimming in the ocean, forest bathing, meditating - these actions are majestic moments strung together.  David Byrne said it best "Heaven is a place, a place where nothing ever happens"

Stop, soak something in for a bit, pun intended.
Xo Jen



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