Hudson Valley Wanderlust

My daughter, Althea, by the banks of the Hudson

When I was a little girl my grandparents moved to Red Hook, New York. It is possible that this was the humble beginning of my love affair with the Hudson River Valley. Like a Romantic painter – I was drawn to nature: waterfalls, animals, mountains and deep rocky crevices - though instead of exact detail I was a young Abstract Expressionist and Transcendentalist. I went deep into my love of nature and became mindful of myself and others - and it all started by talking to birds in my Nana Nuccio’s backyard.

Time and time again I’ve been drawn back to the Hudson River to be inspired, be quiet and connect with myself. Anytime I left the concrete jungle I found myself on a mountain or at the Hudson River’s edge. From sweet little Red Hook, to my alma mater New Paltz, to the river towns of Westchester, the monasteries of Putnam, the streets of Troy, NY and more, I have felt a desire within reach, and a constant feeling of contentment. My creativity expanded and my peace shined.

 It is a deep emotional connection and is why as a professional artist, yogi, teacher, and mother I have decided to create experiences for you in the most interesting and fulfilling places across the Hudson River Valley. Many places are sacred, some creative communities, others rustic, some silent, some chic and stylish and others even without walls or boundaries. I want to offer to you a platter of experiences of creativity, connection, compassion and community you will remember. And this desire is what gave birth to Majestic Hudson | Exploratory Arts, Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats.

I hope you enjoy this “Call to Adventure” the way I have. Please join us on retreat and spread the word.

Be well + stay Creative

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Jennifer Llewellyn
Director and Chief Wellness Officer of Majestic Hudson retreats.