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Come explore printmaking in the Katonah Treehouse!

It's really just my deck, but we'll be above the sweeping vista of my backyard in the tr...

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A couple hours, a half day, a full day, or a weekend of BLISS…

Tell me what you need and I will curate an experience to help you balance,...

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Set your mind a sail as we transform the Sloop Clearwater - a floating national historical landmark - into a vessel of meditative wisdom.<...

To be confirmed

The practice of Yoga has many benefits, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, improved cardio and circulatory health – and now that ...

  • “I’ve learned so much about mindfulness meditation from you I never thought I’d meditate  (me: I helped you to open the window a little bit to being present? ) Yes!- and not jump out of it!"   ~ Raoul

  • "So happy to have met  you and for sharing an amazing weekend together. I can honesty say that this was life changing for me. I have learned that I may not be able to control what happens in life, but I can control my reactions. Feeling the emotion and being kind to it and to myself has given back the control for peaceful living. Thank you all for this great gift! "   ~ Donna

  • "EMBODYING PRACTICE 2018 was a wonderful experience for me and a much-needed restorative time to set intentions on creating and maintaining a time for daily practice in 2018."   ~ Debra

  • "I found the retreat to be an amazing opportunity for me, a non-practitioner, to experience multi modalities of mindfulness and awareness.   It was life changing and is I think extremely useful in today’s fast paced, always on world.  Every person, everywhere would benefit from participating and it might actually make our lives more compassionate, authentic and enjoyable."    ~Carole

  • "Thank you for all the warmth, openness, and kindness you shared during the retreat, it was a truly special weekend."    ~Heather

Come out, come out wherever you are! 

This includes me. I’ve been hiding under a rock and/or just plain gallivanting. The June pilgrimage came and went, as did July, and now I am year older. 

It’s all good. This summer is proving to be wondrous. 

I’ve been sailing, paddleboarding, hanging at farmer’s markets, and music festival-ing per usual. I have met so many incredible new people on our journeys, reconnected with my tribe and found a way to purge some riff-raff. 


This is a form of LovingKindness - finding ways to move forward with grace through interdependence. Interdependence walks hand in hand with independence. Did you know that? Begin today by cultivating a lovingkindness and friendliness toward oneself and others. We must support each other and this takes courage and whole lot of Self Love. The work begins within.

When in doubt I float, on the sea or in my asana mobile finding new places and meeting fabulous folks.

You are all here to actually teach me. When the student surpasses the teacher I have done my job. 


Ways to Self Love:



Call a friend.




Make Art. 

Practice Anything! Music, Yoga, Art - even clean your house calmly!


or, ya know, just float…. see what happens when you let go…





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