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Come explore printmaking in the Katonah Treehouse!

It's really just my deck, but we'll be above the sweeping vista of my backyard in the tr...

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A couple hours, a half day, a full day, or a weekend of BLISS…

Tell me what you need and I will curate an experience to help you balance,...

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Set your mind a sail as we transform the Sloop Clearwater - a floating national historical landmark - into a vessel of meditative wisdom.<...

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The practice of Yoga has many benefits, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, improved cardio and circulatory health – and now that ...

  • "Thank you for all the warmth, openness, and kindness you shared during the retreat, it was a truly special weekend."    ~Heather

  • "EMBODYING PRACTICE 2018 was a wonderful experience for me and a much-needed restorative time to set intentions on creating and maintaining a time for daily practice in 2018."   ~ Debra

  • "So happy to have met  you and for sharing an amazing weekend together. I can honesty say that this was life changing for me. I have learned that I may not be able to control what happens in life, but I can control my reactions. Feeling the emotion and being kind to it and to myself has given back the control for peaceful living. Thank you all for this great gift! "   ~ Donna

  • “I’ve learned so much about mindfulness meditation from you I never thought I’d meditate  (me: I helped you to open the window a little bit to being present? ) Yes!- and not jump out of it!"   ~ Raoul

  • "I found the retreat to be an amazing opportunity for me, a non-practitioner, to experience multi modalities of mindfulness and awareness.   It was life changing and is I think extremely useful in today’s fast paced, always on world.  Every person, everywhere would benefit from participating and it might actually make our lives more compassionate, authentic and enjoyable."    ~Carole

frog on the treehouse deck

I am a spiritual seeker and an avid reader of Mythology - so if one asked if they could place me in “a divine garden by a river to guard the tree of life” I wouldn’t miss a beat to state “Sign me up - I’ll bring the party.”

Akin to those wonderfully epic mythological stories I’ve been lucky – damn lucky - to find myself in some of the most divine situations. Some by conscious, and others, by unconscious effort, but all to better myself.

Being a ‘Location Scout’ and sowing the seeds of a retreat is the best part of this job. The child-like wonder of a new experience and new relationships - the whole process makes me smile and gives me goose bumps. It is these seeds: the moments when I meet new people, or walk into a beautiful space, or eat a delicious meal, or get lost driving around the Catskills only to pull over and take a moment to pinch myself. These moments fuel me to create unique experiences for you all – right here in my own backyard.

Here are a few glimpses of some of the places we’ve seen while scouting the Hudson Valley for awesomesss . You may see some of them on the schedule in the near future!

sky lake lodge

Sky Lake | Rosendale, NY

How I love this rustic Gem.

Sky Lake is a Shambhala contemplative center for meditation, arts and community located in the beautiful surroundings of the Hudson Valley. It is part of an international community of meditation centers founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Nestled in a forest of tall cedars and white pines on the northern crest of the Shawangunk Mountains.

I LOVE their tag line: "Feel how you Feel."

unison arts center

Unison Arts Center | New Paltz

Unison is dedicated to enriching cultural life and community in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley by making high quality arts, performances and educational experiences accessible to all.

Seriously folks - What’s not to like about New Paltz?

saugerties light house

Saugerties Lighthouse

The Saugerties Lighthouse is an 1869 landmark beacon on the Hudson River that stands proudly as a Living Museum and a renowned Bed & Breakfast. Step back in time over a hundred years to experience the charm and rustic simplicity of life in the middle of the river.

Um, Yes!

garrison institute

The Garrison Institute | Garrison, New York

This one is near and dear to my heart. For many years my grandfather, Francis Nuccio, would go on retreat to Catholic Monasteries on the Hudson River much like this Gem. Formerly an active Capuchin Franciscan Monastery, the Garrison Institute is now a Meditation retreat center I get to call home two days a week. I work here as their designer, marketer and yoga instructor. We are a family of beautiful souls who run a blessed, meditative, smooth sailing ship.

Fun Fact: My Grandfather was a Franciscan named Francis! #superencounterer

And a few private residences right on the river… Shhh!

So secret I can’t tell you yet!

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